Club Chukkers

Special Offer for Club Chukkers!

SBPRC is offering an early bird special for the first couple weeks of club chukkers to kick off the polo season. Polo starts Saturday, April 21, and we will have club chukkers every Saturday and Sunday at 11am, and Thursdays at 4pm, from then on. For the club chukkers in April, the cost per chukker for outside players is just $35/ chukker, which is almost half price. All players are invited to take advantage of this special. If you would like to play opening weekend (April 21 and 22) contact Bob Puetz

What level are they?

The club chukkers are generally a relaxed 4-10 goal level, although they can vary depending on which players are signed up to play. On Sundays in July and August, fun tournament games are played between teams made by the polo manager, and trophies are awarded.

Can non-members Play?

Yes, both members and non-members can play. The only difference is non-members have to pay by the chukker. Monthly memberships are also available.

When/where is it?

Club chukkers will be played every Thursday at 4pm and every Saturday/Sunday at 11 am at the Santa Barbara Polo club. 

How much is it?

Club chukkers are $65 (per chukker) for non-members and they are included in the cost for members; a youth rate is offered to students and players under 18 years.

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in signing up or if you have any questions, contact Melanja Jones (Polo Manager) at phone number: 970-231-7426,  email:

Skill level: intermediate and advanced.


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