Weekly Game Schedule


Schedule for the Week August 14-19


Tuesday August 14

4:30pm            Folded Hills                Klentner Ranch and FMB


Wednesday August 15

4pm                 Cancha de Estrellas     Game 2- Whitehall vs Cancha de Estrellas

5pm                 ARENA                      Arena chukkers


Thursday August 16

Noon               FIELD 1                     Practice- Sol de Agosto and invited player

2pm                 FIELD 3                     RH vs FMB                           

4pm                 FIELD 2                     Lucchese vs Klentner Ranch                         

HAPPY HOUR at the grandstand for the 4pm match. $5 Margaritas!


Friday August 17

Noon               Cancha de Estrellas     Game 3- STG vs Klentner Ranch

3pm                 FIELD 1                     RR1- Why Not vs WIPN vs FMB


Saturday August 18

9:15am            Stick and ball              Coaching Clinic

TBA                Carpinteria Cup quarterfinals

5pm                 Polo Clubhouse           Member event- Bob Delaney Guest Speaker


Sunday August 19

9:15am            Stick and ball              Coaching Clinic

10am               FIELD 1                     Practice- Klentner Ranch and invited players

Noon               FIELD 3                     FMB vs Sol do Agosto          

3pm                 FIELD 2                     RH vs Lucchese                    



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