Rincon League


                     Rincon League 6-8 Goal Pro-Am

                               Summer Schedule

·      James Colt Classic- July 5-14

o  Congratulations to Why Not (Hana Grill, Jim Wright, Santi Trotz and Jef Graham)
o   MVP: Hana Grill

o   Best Playing Pony: Maco Llambias' "Venturino"


·      Summerland Cup – July 19-28

o   Two Weekends, Games Thursdays/Saturdays

o   Final Saturday, July 28th at Cancha de las Estrellas


·      Malibu Cup – August 2-11

o   Two Weekends , Games Thursdays/Saturdays

o   Final Saturday, August 11th on SBPC Field 1


·      Carpinteria – August 10-25

o    Two weekends, Games Fridays/Saturdays

o   Final Saturday, August 25th at Cancha de las Estrellas

**  For Photos of the Tournament Games, please visit PoloGraphics.com  **

Summerland Cup Schedule

Wednesday 7/18

10:30am   Novis Insurance      vs      Barrossa 

Thursday 7/19
1pm         Klentner Ranch       vs    Whitehall Ranch
3pm         Gainesway               vs     FMB                        

Saturday 7/21
10am        Novis Insurance     vs     FMB
Noon       Gainesway               vs    Whitehall Ranch
2:30pm    Klentner Ranch       vs    Barrossa 

Thursday 7/26
10am        Novis Insurance     vs    Whitehall Ranch
12noon    Klentner Ranch       vs    FMB
3pm         Gainesway               vs    Barrossa 

Saturday 7/28

Noon               Consolation
2pm                 Consolation
4pm                 Finals        

Cross Bracket Format.  Two teams with best record of the 6 teams will advance to finals.  In case of a two way tie in standings: who beat who if the teams have played each other. In all other cases, a shoot out will ensue.

For questions, please call
Laura Linfoot Townsend



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