Weekly Game Schedule

Schedule for the Week

Schedule for the Week May 22-26

Wednesday May 22- 12 goal practices
11:am at Nesbitts field: FMB and FMB Too- 8 chukkers
4pm at Nesbitts: Antelope Jr and Antelope- 8 chukkers
TBA Estrellas: Klentner Ranch and Dundas- private
Thursday May 23
3pm TBA Pro Pool Practice-contingent on the field being dry!

- 4 chukkers per person. Pro Pool pros and pro pool members. Sign up
with Mia@sbpolo.com by 3pm Wednesday.

Friday May 24- Kopu Lisle Nixon 12 goal
11am TBA            Antelope vs Klentner Ranch
2pm TBA      FMB vs Dundas
4:15pm  FIELD 2    FMB Too! vs Antelope Jr  
Happy Hour is back on at the grandstand for the Friday 4:15 match!
shootout tiebreaker if necessary following the last match
Saturday May 25
2pm TBA Pro Pool games
4:30pm TBA Coaching League
Sunday May 26
9:15 TBA Coaching League
10am TBA Pro Pool games
10am TBA 12 goal Consolation
12:30 TBA 12 goal Consolation
3pm FIELD 2 Kopu Lisle Nixon Final




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