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For more info please contact Melanja Jones: 970.231.7426 or melanjaj@sbpolo.com

Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club is the premier destination for summer polo. Players and Patrons from all across the globe call Santa Barbara their home for the summer, bringing world class polo to the Southern California coast. Spectators gather for matches on Friday and Sunday afternoons from mid-April to October. Polo matches are open to the public with a wide range of hospitality and guest seating. All are welcome to join for an exciting afternoon of heart pumping action.  Please visit the Spectator Information page for more information. 

  • Field & Time
    • The field is 300 yards long and 160 yards wide, making it the size of nine football fields. Teams switch goals after every goal scored. There are six periods of play called “chukkers” with a 10 minute break after the 3rd chukker. Each Chukker is 7 minutes and 30 seconds long. The clock is only stopped if there is a foul, a broken piece of tack, or an injured horse. The clock is not stopped if the ball goes over the sideboards, a player falls off and is not injured or a goal is scored.

  • Player, Mounts & Teams
    • Each team consists of 4 players. Each player is rated by the United States Polo Association and receives a handicap which range from 10 (being the best) to -2 (being a beginner). The handicaps of all the players on the team are added up. For example, in a 12 goal tournament, the cumulative total of the team’s handicaps cannot exceed 12 goals.

  • Fouls
    • There are two mounted umpires and one referee in the grandstands. The rules in polo are written to ensure the safety of both horse and player. The most common foul in polo is a “right of way” infraction. Penalty shots are awarded depending on the severity of the foul and the field positioning of the teams.

  • Play
    • Players can hit the ball with their mallet from either side of their horse, but must hold their mallet in their right hand. Players may hook another player’s mallet with their mallet to prevent them from hitting the ball.

  • FAQ
    • Admission

      • Q: When is the Polo Season? A: The Polo Season runs from May through October.
      • Q: How much does it cost per person for entry? A: Admission starts at $10 per person; we also have seasonal social membership opportunities, Field side Cabanas and box seats available. Depending on your interest and commitment level, we offer a variety of price options. We also have tournament games on Fridays and there is no admission charge.
      • Q: Where do I purchase tickets? A: You can purchase tickets our website, Polo Tickets, or purchase tickets when you arrive.

      Game Times

      • Q: What days of the week do matches take place on? A: Tournament matches are on Fridays and Sundays
      • Q: What time do the gates open? A: Sundays: Gates open at noon and Friday’s game times vary
      • Q: What time do the games begin and how long do they last? A: Sunday feature game starts at 3:00pm and lasts about an hour and a half, Fridays: Call the Front Desk  (805) 684 - 6683 for specific game times or check the daily schedule on poloscoreboard.com 

      Parking & Seating

      • Q: Where do we park & how much does it cost? A: Complimentary valet service is provided or self-parking is available as well
      • Q: Can I use the valet if I am not a member? A: Yes, the valet is available to non-members as well.
      • Q: Is there assigned seating? A: Yes. You can reserve when you purchase your tickets online or the hostess will assign you a seat if you purchase a ticket upon arrival. The Club also has Private Member Boxes for sale to all members of the Club. For more information about membership please contact the front desk at (805) 684 - 6683

      Food & Beverage Service

      • Q: Is there food and beverage service for non members? A: The Polo Club provides outstanding food and beverage service for members and non members. The Grill is open to the public on Fridays and Sundays from Noon until 4 pm throughout the Season. The Grill serves an assortment of cuisine ranging from gourmet cheese platters to burgers, sandwiches and salads. There is beverage service available at one of our full service bars. You can also arrange to have a meal catered for larger groups with both food and beverage customized to your specific taste and budget.
      • Q: How do I become a member? A: Click on the membership tab to the left for more information or call the office at (805) 684 - 6683. We provide a number of different levels of membership.

      Playing Polo

      • Q. Can I learn to play polo? Can I learn how to ride? A. There is a Polo Academy and a variety of new player programs. Contact the Director of the Santa Barbara Polo Academy, Jeff Scheraga jeff@sbpolo.com for more information

      Luxury Field Side Cabanas and Special Field Side Event Tents

      • Q: How much do the Field Side Cabanas Cost? A: They range from $375 in May, June, September & October and from $550 - $1000 in July, August and the first weekend in September.
      • Q: What is included in the price? A: The Cabana pricing includes entry, valet parking and seating for up to 10 guests.
      • Q: Is there food and Beverage Service in the cabanas? A: The Club offers full catering for the cabanas and provides a server to place drink and food orders with. We also offer customized food and beverage packages for your small or large event. Pre-ordered platters are available as well.
      • Q: Are there other areas for larger events during Sunday Polo Matches? A: We have a number of different event tents and spaces for your larger private field side event.
      • Q: Is there a VIP area for Non-Members? A: Subject to availability and capacity.

      Tailgating and Gift Shop

      • Q: Is there anywhere to tailgate next to our cars? A: You can reserve a picnic area through the Polo Tickets page. 
      • Q: Is there a gift shop where I can by Polo Club merchandise? A: Our Polo Boutique is open every Sunday from 2:00p.m.. until 5:00 p.m. throughout the Polo Season and we sell an array of Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club & La Martina clothing and products.


      • Q: How do I find out more about Memberships at the Club? A: Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club proudly offers an array of memberships Tennis, Swim and Fitness, Social and Polo Memberships are available. Click on the membership tab on the sidebar or contact the club for more information at (805) 684 - 6683.

      For more information please contact the front desk at (805) 684 - 6683


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