Polo Leagues

16 Goal Series

World class polo players vie for the most coveted 16 goal tournaments in the country during July and August.

12 Goal Series

The 12 Goal season during May and June features the excitement and competitive quality of high class tournament polo with the camaraderie of a family club.

8 Goal Series

The fall season is all about fun and enjoying team polo during the best time of the year.

Pro Pool

Pro Pool offer players the chance to participate in friendly weekend tournaments alongside a professional player during May, June, September and early October.


High quality pro-am tournaments geared towards the fundamentals of polo: open, fast polo in a friendly environment played on fields overlooking the Pacific Coast Ocean. Emphasis is on keeping the amateurs safe and involved in the game. Bring the pro of your choice or the club will help you find one. 

Coaching League

The Coaching League is ideal for arena players transitioning to outdoor polo, young players, and for people who have taken lessons but are still learning the nuances of the game.

2019 Womens PCO  

Dates: September 6-8
Goal Level: 16-20 goal ladies handicaps
Fees: $3000 Nonrefundable. Fee must be paid in full to enter. 
4 team maximum
Playoff Games will be played either Friday September 6th and then Final and Consolation on Sunday September 8.
USPA Professional Umpires 

2019 WOMENS Invitational  

Dates: October 4-6
Goal Level: 8-12 goal ladies handicaps
Fees: $2,000 per team non-member rate, $1,500 with SBPRC member on the team. Nonrefundable. Fee must be paid in full to enter. 
4 team maximum
Each team must provide one umpire horse and down players will 3rd man
USPA umpires, great trophies, and tournament BBQ all included.
Practice is available at $40/ chukker for non- member players on Wednesday 3rd and stabling is available at special ladies’ tournament rates of $10/ night/ horse


For more information about Polo Leagues, please contact Melanja Jones, Polo Manager, at: 970-231-7426 or melanjaj@sbpolo.com. 



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