Weekly Game Schedule

Schedule for the Week September 3-8


Wednesday September 4

4:30pm            Polo Clubhouse           Women’s PCO draw


Friday September 6

10am               Sign up deadline- mix practice on Saturday

1pm                 Cancha de Estrellas     Game 1 Women’s PCO

3pm                 Cancha de Estrellas     Game 2 Women’s PCO


Saturday September 7
8:50am            FIELD 3         Coaching League

10:30am          FIELD 3         Mixed Practice (Pro Pool and 8 goal players)


Sunday September 8

9:45                 FIELD 2         Women’s PCO Consolation

11am               FIELD 2         Women’s PCO FINAL



8 goal Melanja Jones   [email protected]

Polo Academy [email protected]

General Information/ Barns/ women’s Polo [email protected]

Trailer Parking and Calm Advice Judith [email protected]




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