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Folded Hills and Santa Barbara Polo: A Perfect Match

The Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club welcomes Folded Hills Winery. Owners Andy and Kim Busch’s long legacy with the sport of polo and exquisite winery make this a perfect pairing. “At Folded Hills, we love to share the wonderful ranch lifestyle with families, polo teams, and now our new wine friends,” says Andy Busch.

Growing up in St. Louis, Andy helped run his family’s ancestral home, Grant’s Farm, caring for the land and hundreds of animals that lived on it – elephants, elk, bison, and Clydesdales, to name a few. It wasn’t until 1998 when he served as Captain of the USA Polo team at the World Cup that he and his wife Kim fell in love with the Santa Barbara lifestyle. They decided to raise their family on the California coast and longed to share with them the hard work and joys of ranch life… they found their place at Folded Hills. They poured their love into their land, and in 2014, after walking their hills, studying their soil and microclimate, they planted their first grapes: Grenache, Syrah, and a collection of Rhone whites.

Folded Hills wine is a tribute to family, past and present. “This is a heritage project for us,” shares Andy. “The wine has strong roots back to our St. Louis history. We love sharing these family stories that influence how many of our wines were named. The stories can also be found on the back of each bottle of wine.” Standout vintages that Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club guests will get to enjoy this season include the highly anticipated 2017 Estate Lilly Rosé, an estate rosé that’s an homage to Busch’s great-grandmother, Lilly Anheuser Busch and six generations of family women down to his granddaughter Lilly; Grant Grenache, which recalls President Ulysses S. Grant, previous owner of the ancestral home, Grant’s Farm, where Andy grew up; and August Red, a blend of Grenache and Syrah, named for Andy’s father and grandfather.

Their vineyards and winery allow them to pursue their passion for making wine, and provide a beautiful way to enrich and preserve the land for future generations. Folded Hills is a place to gather and share, to carry on our tradition of making friends. In honor of that, each wine they make is inspired by a piece of their family history.

Polo guests can look forward to sipping these wines all season, the perfect pairing for Sunday Funday! For more information about Folded Hills visit or follow them @foldedhills.



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