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Off The Horse: Jesse Bray

Name: Jesse Bray
Age: 25
Born in New Zealand, raised in Indio, CA
Playing for Klentner Ranch

When did you start playing polo?
I have been playing polo for as long as I can remember. My dad also plays, so I was on a horse from day 1 – and I was named after his best horse Jessica. 

What do you love most about the sport?
Definitely the relationship with the horses. It is very rewarding training my horses and getting them ready to play. Seeing them playing at the top of their ability is an awesome feeling. 

Tell us about your horses (or your favorite horse)?
The majority of my horses are thoroughbreds. I tend to look for horses that have a lot of power and speed. My dad and I have been breeding horses the past few years and I am very excited to see them come up and play. Last year my horses won three Best Playing Pony awards, including the Pacific Coast Open. To me winning Best Playing Pony is better than MVP any day.

Favorite post-match meal?
My favorite post-match meal is a good barbeque. I think more important is the pre-match meal, acai bowls!

What’s your favorite thing to do in Santa Barbara when you’re off duty?
I don’t have too many off-duty days, but I enjoy hanging out at the barns and just being here at the polo club or at Justin’s ranch.

Where will polo take you next this year?
I hope to go to Argentina this fall! I will be in Wellington for the winter then come back to Santa Barbara.

Photo credit: David Lominska



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