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Off The Horse: Adam Snow

Name: Adam Snow
Age: 54
From: I was born in a US Naval hospital in Sasebo, Japan, but grew up playing in Hamilton, MA. 
Playing For: Team Sol de Agosto

When did you start playing polo?
I started playing at around age 10.

What do you love most about the sport?
I love the “hockey on horseback” grittiness of the sport and also fostering successful combinations with my teammates, both human and equestrian.

What’s the most challenging aspect of polo?
The sport’s most challenging aspect is getting “mounted”. Finding, training—and then maintaining!—the quality of horses that will allow you to play your very best. With all the logistics involved, it’s amazing we ever make it to the field.

Tell us about your horses (or your favorite horse)?
I have twelve horses here now. Half (6) are horses that I bought, most of these were bred to race; and half (6) are homebreds that were born on our farm in Aiken, SC. The mothers of these six won tournaments under me in Santa Barbara, and their offspring are now aspiring to similar accomplishments. Most of these were started under saddle by my wife, Shelley.

Favorite post-match meal?
My favorite post-match meal is the one I don’t worry too much about what I’m eating because I’m celebrating;) (Linguine a la vongole!)

What’s your favorite thing to do in Santa Barbara when you’re off-duty?
Favorite off-duty thing in SB is definitely swimming in the ocean and playing frisbee or soccer on the beach.

Where will polo take you next this year?
My next polo season allows me to sleep in my own bed — back in Aiken, SC this Fall.

Photo: Adam Snow in the 2002 US Open Finals 



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