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Off The Horse: Ulysses Escapite

Name: Ulysses Escapite
Age: 32
From: El Paso TX
Playing For: Twin Palms in the 8 goal league

When did you start playing polo? 
I started playing when I was 9.

What do you love most about the sport? 
Definitely the horses and the places you get to travel to.

What’s the most challenging aspect of polo?
Having to balance how much your horses can play throughout the year and when they need to rest regardless of the opportunities you might miss.

Tell us about your horses (or your favorite horse)?
I have 15 horses that range from 4 to 16 yrs old. I couldn’t tell you who my favorite is since I have a special affection for each one. My favorite to play is called Simon. He is a 7 yr old chestnut TB gelding. Super mouth and a big heart.

Favorite pre-match meal? 
Usually, a Big Gulp of coffee when I have a 10 am or noon game. Any game afternoon I like to get a small sandwich so I can make it through the game. Probably too nervous to eat anything else.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Santa Barbara when you’re off duty? 
There is so much to do that I can list many things. I really enjoy having a relaxing day at the beach with my wife and boys after a hard working week.

Where will polo take you next this year? 
I will be in Aiken, SC for the fall advancing some of my greener horses and getting ready for the winter season.



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