Dear all SBPRC Boarders,

Thank you for being part of our polo community. As our club has grown and demand in the summer season has peaked, the club is implementing procedures to coordinate stabling with leagues and promote commitment. This enables the club to execute the leagues and maintain the stables in good condition for our valued boarders. Please read the options carefully. Early commitment and league play is rewarded with better rates and better options. Should any last second stabling be available in the busy season, the monthly rate is an option but we encourage players to utilize the annual rates for long term stays.

All stabling, whether monthly or annual, must be prepaid to reserve, especially in June, July and August. Monthly stalls in July and August are only available to be reserved by members signed up for Rincon League and 16 goal up until June 1, then they will be open for reservation for players not in those leagues.

No refunds or credits on prepaid stabling unless demand requires it, in which instance management will coordinate. No subleasing of pre-paid stabling

All stabling assignments are at the discretion of the Club and subject to change.

Annual stalls have priority on stabling location. Every effort will be made to keep annual stalls in the same location, however, if necessary to accommodate the high goal teams and maximize numbers annual stall assignments may be shifted.

Stabling Rates

  • Outside Annual Stall: $1850/ year. Available with pro pool or league membership, both paid by Jan 31.
  • Outside Annual Tackroom: $1500/year. Available with 4 horse boarding commitment, all paid by Jan 31.
  • Polo Academy Annual Stall: $1750/ year. For Academy clients annually EXCEPT during June, July, August.
  • Monthly Stabling: $375.00/ month/ horse. Pro-rated in weekly increments.
  • Monthly Tackroom: $200.00/ month/ tackroom
  • Monthly Hay Space: $100.00/ month for hay space

Lifetime/ condo members: please contact management

Annual Stabling Benefit

Best rate and best location choices.


Please note due to increased demand that in order to reserve a tackroom there must be a minimum commitment of 4 horses/ tackroom. Players with less than 4 horses will be required to share a tackroom in the summer months. If you find someone to split with that is preferred, or the club will decide on your tackroom partner in the summer.

For more information please email Polo Manager

SBPRC Barn Rules

Stabling Agreement

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